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Cultural Night Presenting Bosnia, Greece, Indonesia and The Philippines

Hi, Reni’s here! 🙂 If you did not come to the Cultural night last Saturday, don’t worry, I have a short write up for you about it.

So, as you may know, there are more EVS volunteers now besides Penny and Alen (who you may know already from 7 months ago). Reni (me), Okky and Leni are from Indonesia, Chan and M.J. are from The Philippines. It’s not hard to recognize us since there are not many Asians here in Metlika. 😛

So the new volunteers came all the way from Asia to the sleeping town Metlika to work with Kud Plac. We also wanted to experience the culture, meet the local people and of course share our culture too to the Metlikans. So, on Saturday, we did some presentations about our countries and also share some local food for you to taste. I am sorry if you miss the Greek and Asian Delicacy. You should have come. 😛


In this video, you will learn about the geography of Bosnia, the different of Bosnia with Herzegovina, the politics and also some history about the country.


The culture that Penny shared was about Philotimo, which could be translated as Love of honor, compassion, generosity, pride, love of family, love of country, to give to others without asking for anything as a return. All Greeks know about Philotimo even they’ve never heard the word before. For more about Philotimo is in this video below.

In this video you will see the beautiful view of Greece from above, the coastline, buildings, castles, the nature and the historical monuments from the World War II.


So, brief info about the new volunteer, Reni is from Bali. If you don’t have idea where and how Bali is, imagine Hawaii! 🙂 With white sand beaches, “summer” all year long with local people who are friendly and always smiling. Okky is from Bandung, a city in West Java (Java is one of the main island) that also well known as Paris Van Java because this is the paradise for the fashion shopper. Leni is from Surabaya, a city located in central Java which famous as City of Heroes because the war between British and Indonesia happened in that city.

So here are some videos about Indonesia:

The Philippines

The Philippines is a country with a complicated culture and people (mentality) -as it has also had a complicated past.

The country is an archipelago made up of 7,107 beautiful islands lying on the South-East of Asia. Except for some regions in the north, the country was under the colony of Spain for 333 years, and although the Americans helped them in fighting for their independence from the Spanish rule, they soon took over and colonized us for 50 years and their power and influence has stayed to this day.

Aside from Spanish and American influence, they had a Japanese occupation during the 2nd world war and as for the Chinese, let’s just say, they have the oldest ‘China Town’ in the world. So their culture, language, mentality, lifestyle and even our beauties are a crazy mix of all that and our indigenous cultures as well. They are really a diverse group of people in all aspects, with different dialects, food, cultures, histories in each region. But one thing that they would say they have in common is that they are generally warm, very caring and loving people. Are are also very adaptable and resilient. Most of all, they are very happy people, being able to laugh even in the hardest of situations, and as the video says, “everyone, absolutely everyone, knows how to smile”.

Now you know how those countries look like, so would you consider to go to one of those countries? Or maybe all? 🙂