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Farewell Metlika Chapter 1.


Apparently i have give or take two weeks left in Metlika and I can literally not believe it. Whenever I count or I notice the time I have spent here in Metlika or here on earth for that matter I am always gravelly socked about how fast life goes and that you should never leave things for later because you might run out of time. I therefore decided to use my remaining time to look back a bit on the past year and share with you the things form this year that  I will keep with me forever.


One thing I will definitely keep is the good times. Living in Metlika can turn out to be a very difficult thing, especially in the winter when you feel that you have been transported into shutter island and the bells are ringing so the zombies are coming, Despite, therefore, literally experiencing horror Metlika can be a lovely place as well. I am planning to write a full chapter just on why Metlika could be a lovely holiday destination but for me living in Metlika has been good because it gave me the chance to know a new culture and meet people that can now be considered family and for that I will always remember this place with a bit of nostalgia.


Another good part of the past year is all the new knowledge that I got to learn. I think that all of EVS volunteers can back me up on this but I think that one of the most important things you learn as a volunteer is to multitask. Being in Metlika got me occupied with things that I never thought I was going to do. Creating projects and workshops and getting involved with children and young people, participating in educative programs with people form every corner of the earth and therefore working and living with people from every corner of the earth. I had previously gotten a chance to work and live with people from different countries through my studies in Sweden, but in Metlika this went on an entirely different level. At the same time I got to learn many things about myself as well. I explored my limits and possibly got to expand them as well. I explored things that I am good at and things that I am probably not fit to do, or maybe I need to work on. Because one thing Alice in wonderland has taught me is that impossible is a word that nobody should use and this is something that I really got to test in Metlika and it came to be true; nothing is impossible as long as you try your best or you keep a positive attitude towards it.


All in all, a year in Metlika was a year of NEW; new experiences, new knowledge, new friends, new love, new places and the most important of all a new future. If I had not come to Metlika I would probably be working at some hotel in Greece thinking if the country is going to survive the crisis or not and if we are ever going to recover from this extraordinarily tough period. These are things that still concern me up to a level, but being in Metlika and deciding to not move back to Greece after I am  finished here, have helped me distance myself from all the bad things that are happening in my country and I feel that coming to Metlika has given me a much brighter future than the one I would have without it. Living abroad makes you kind of a nomad, I think, You are always prepared mentally to pack your things and get on to the next adventure and I think Metlika has prepared me to be ready for it. I am very excited to see where the future will take me and I hope it involves a bit more of Metlika or at least the people that I associate with it. If not I will always remember both.