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Farewell Metlika Chapter 2


Here we are again trying to say goodbye to Metlika. What would Metlika be without its people? Probably different. So this is a tribute to you guys; the people who make this place what it is.


My first impression of the local people was very welcoming. My first day here involved a coffee in Croatia, a home cooked lunch in  Vinica and a relaxing swim at the Kolpa river. I found food in my fridge when i finally came to my new home and fresh bed linen on my bed. I don’t think I have ever described this day before and putting it all together makes me realize that it was full of nice gestures.


The rest of the year had its ups and downs; I have realised through the years that you cannot be compatible with everyone. If you do you are either suppressing yourself to fit in subconsciously or you are faking it. Therefore I am not shy to say that yes I did not have a smooth relationship with everyone in Metlika but that was to be expected.What was not expected and surprised me very much was that some of the people here are so helpful and so giving to the point where i felt bound to return the favor or kindness or gesture, but at the same time hopeless because it meant so much to me that I could never truly return it.  Those are the people that make Metlika a very special place and I am sorry to say that I have only experienced such behavior between family  and because of this I will always feel as if I have a home here.


This post is mostly a tribute to them. People who helped me out without me having to chase them around. They either offered their help on their own or I just had to ask once and they were there for me; to drive me around, to share their products, to share their stories or even just their company. People who surprised me with kind gifts, kind comments and even support when living here was difficult for me. I don’t think I would have managed to stay a full year here without them and I think some of them know my gratitude; for those who don’t if by reading this you  feel that I could be talking about you too then i probably am and this is my way of thanking you.