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Kresovanje 2016 to Celebrate the Labor Day

As we all may know that we have Kresovanje event in Metlika every year to celebrate the Labor Day organized by KudPlac, but this is my first time joining this event. As I’ve heard that this event was a tradition from the local people since the ancient time, but was no longer celebrated anymore in the mid 90ish until KudPlac decided to do it again. I am lucky to have a chance to celebrate the 6th of Kresovanje on the 30th April 2016. If you didn’t come to the event, here is summary of it.

 labor day - kresovanje

It was sunny and warm in the afternoon, but then it’s getting cold as the time went by. But the cold did not stop the event. Kids were excited, they play volleyball and some of them practicing for the performance that night.

IMG_4692 IMG_4678

(Couldn’t take good photos when they were dancing)

The event started with the girls performing Hip hop dance which was very interesting and seems that they really enjoyed it. Then, it continued with the talented boys performing break dancing. It was pretty amazing how those kids able to do break dancing moves in such a young age. Standing ovation for them.




The bonfire was lighted at around 10pm, while on the stage, The Chocolate Nipples entertain the people with some songs and made it to make a few dancing. What a great way to make your body warm from the cold. 🙂 After a few songs, they invited Okky to the stage to play 3 songs. One of them was a song about Metlika that he wrote the day before.


Here are a few lines of the lyrics:

“I sometimes go around in this town, see the feel like the ocean.

Look! The sky is cloudy now, the birds still sing while waiting for the sun.

The yellow house on the hill, looks like nobody up there.

People are walking by themselves, the church bells ringing while the sun goes down.

Waiting for summer time, the river is still cold now.

And I love this town, and let be deep inside.”


IMG_4749 IMG_4709

The band played until around 1am. Many people came to the event even though it was very cold that night. We had a bar, a barbecue, falafel and more. We made it to have fun! After all, this event is from us and for us. Hopefully, you had a great time on the event and you had a great Labor Day. Happy belated 1st of May!

For more photos about the event, check our KudPlac Facebook Page!