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living on the other side

*of the planet.


I think I have said it before and maybe I am repeating myself but a big part of being an EVS volunteer is to meet and greet new cultures and lifestyles. on this note we got a chance to host a few EVS volunteers from Koper early this week; two of them were originally from India one was from Nepal and one from China. Along with our volunteers from the Philippines they created an event in order to share the living conditions in their countries.  The idea was to present just another day in their countries from going to work or going out to a typical family or a house. This presentation was followed by a very multicultural dinner and I have to say it was far more than interesting.

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The idea was that instead of talking about cultures, which in my opinion can better be experienced rather than described, we would rather hear about everyday things and especially about the gap between the west and the east. Standards of living can be similar and very different at the same time between the two and it is an eye opening experience to get to glimpse a lifestyle that is  different than yours. For us who participated in the preparation of the project it was more than just learning through presentation but it was an actual experience. Having to work and cooperate with people from extremely different backgrounds can be both educative and challenging but also maybe fun.


For me personally projects like these always remind me of how life works and how happiness is in the small everyday things.  Despite the differences in the size of our houses or what we have for breakfast or how big our families are we all end up enjoying the same type of things in life. A family dinner, a night out with friends, a day in nature, someone’s birthday.  For that reason i am really happy that I participated in this event. I had the chance to meet new and fun people, tr awesome food and of course learn something new both about others and myself.

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