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  For most of you Ljubljana is something very common. For me it’s a place I’ve visited maybe twice or thrice so it’s new and exciting. I also believe that a lot of the local people have associated Ljubljana with partying or shopping or work rather than a place to escape everyday life, like it is for me. For me Ljubljana is a place that reaches as much as possible the busy city life standards that I am used to. So it’s a place that I visit in order to feel as close to home as possible.

At the same time I am utterly in love with the old center of the city. It is a place where I can be alone for hours and hours without feeling lonely or the need to leave. A friend of mine from Greece told me that it is a place that has been taken out from a fairy-tale and I agree. you can totally feel like a princess in Ljubljana; having lunch by the river surrounded by little cute birds that are not at all afraid of you ending up giving them half of your food. Where else do you get to do that? Not in Athens for sure, unless you want to be attacked by a herd of pigeons.

Despite the feeling of being a princess i also like the capital for it’s peaceful style of living. Despite the fact that it’s the largest city in Slovenia you don’t feel like suffocating and you don’t get stepped on by hordes of busy people tourists or any kind of unruly group of people. That being said it still offers everything a capital should offer: social events, nightlife, public means of transport, choices when it comes to eating out, art, and of course an amount of interesting sights. Of course Ljubljana also offers  a wide range of shopping options both in clothing and essentials like food and or tea which is very essential to me. What I like about these options is that Ljubljana, despite the fact that it’s the capital, offers a wide range of local or organic or homemade products, which is usually more common for smaller cities. At least where I come from.

So yeah I really like this city. I wish i could go more often, but I am not so eager to take a three hour train ride just to escape what can I say I am lazy like that. You can take me with you next time you go maybe!!