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Metlikian* vineyards

(∗ The term Metlikian is not exactly correct but my friend Mary would be very dissapointed if I did not use it here. Sorry guys!)

A couple of weeks ago I visited one of the local farmers and helped him cut the vines and prepare them for the next season. Let me tell you straight forward that it is a much more complicated process than I expected; but a very impressive one nonetheless. I think most of you are acquainted with the process so I will not go into details. I think what is most important is that when you cut the vines you are kind of planning two years ahead into how the plan will grow. That can be quite complicated depending on the plant and for a newbie like me it was also quite stressful.


Therefore in order to relief the stress (both mine and the farmers), since I did not want to ruin any of the plans, I busied myself by cutting out the parts that were no longer needed. During that process I discovered that I felt very calm and in peace with myself and I started thinking of long forgotten dreams that I thought would be my future when I was younger. That realization started a series of other thoughts about my life and where I want it to go, but somehow all was okay. Usually when I think of future prospects I get anxious and agitated because there are so many factors to consider or that affect somebody’s life. But while cutting the vines I felt much calmer and everything looked possible.


I remembered of that one dream that I would buy a cute little cottage somewhere quiet in Greece with a small garden in the backyard which would supply me with the ingredients to turn it into a small restaurant that would serve food in accordance with what nature gave me that day. Small little plates (MEZE) a bit of local wine or Rakia and that would be it. I would have a beautiful life in the nature doing what I want, cooking and meeting people. Of course I don’t know if this will ever become a reality or if I even want it to be. People and dreams change so often that you never know where life will take you. But in that moment surrounded by the vines with the sun on my back and the wind on my face I felt comforted.


I feel like I got off topic with this one but sometimes expressing feelings is more important that expressing experiences. Visiting the vineyards was a great experience for me but mostly because it was related to the storm of feelings that surrounded me during the limited time that I spent on the field. I also expect that the photos that accompany this post speak by themselves about the beauty that surrounds the hills around Metlika so I will not say more on the matter 😀