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Mladinska Oddaja




For those of you who don’t know there is a film production company in Krsko that employs a lot of EVS volunteers. Their work is gathered every month to produce a video that can be found on youtube which is called Mladinska Oddaja. A couple of months ago, in Mladinska Oddaja November there was a documentary about Martinovanje. When I think of the region I always recollect this video and the faces of the people who were interviewed during the event.

I think they pose an excellent example of why this place might be special or perfect to receive guests and tourists. And it is not because of the great nature or the good wine and food, which are of course important; but it is because some people really love this place. When I first came here a lot of people asked me how I ended up here and how the hell am I going to survive the winter. At first and maybe still I thought that they exaggerate. I was very enthusiastic to come and work here. The project we are working on was exactly what I wanted to do after a million years of studying. But on some level they were also true; for a person coming from a huge city and even though I lived in a small city in Sweden for a year, Metlika still looks like a village to me. I often find myself wishing I could find something to occupy myself so that I don’t die of boredom. But then I remember how some other people describe this place like most of these people on Martinovanje and I remember why I am here.

As I have already mentioned this blog is an attempt to show you what my life here feels like, but at the same time it is a tool for me to stay focused to the original plan. I am here to work on how this small placed could use its assets and its cultural heritage as a tool to develop and sustain its economy. In my opinion attempts like the one in Martinovanje are very helpful. Of course there was also the touristic film of Metlika for 2016 which is also an attempt to promote the city. I believe that the video was shot in a very nice way and it portrays Metlika as a very interesting and beautiful place. The only reason why I prefer attempts such as Martinovanje is because they include this human aspect that is somehow more personal (like this man from 4.47 onwards).