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The New EVS Faces in Metlika

Hi guys, it’s Reni again! 🙂

You may have see a few Asians walking around Metlika and wondering who they are, or probably you’ve heard about them from the word of mouth, or probably you know them in person. So, they (and me) are the new EVS and Job Shadowers working for Kud Plac. So, here is a short profile about the new EVS faces in Metlika. 🙂



 Probably most of you know about him. He’s a musician (singer and song writer) back in home country, he played with various international musician like Evanescence, Frank Ferdinand or Dashboard Confessional. Why he comes to Metlika? “I really want to share my music to the world, get more influence from Slovenia” he said. He thinks, Metlika is a lovely small town with full of inspiration.


Reni – That’s me.

You would find me in MC sitting quietly behind the wall in front of my laptop writing blogs or posting stuff on Facebook. So, I come to Metlika on this EVS program because I think it’s quite interesting to see a small town in Slovenia that I’ve never heard before. I want to learn the culture and meet the local. I would also promote this city and Kud Plac through social media and blogs because this town is beautiful with friendly people. By the way, you will see some more posts from me on this Penny’s Blog in the future. I also have my own web blog where I will also write about this town and what happens in here.

Metlika is a beautiful town, it is of course way different from where I am from – Bali. It is nice to experience the life here with beautiful nature, it’s kind of detoxing myself from the crowded Bali where there are lots of pollutions. 😛



Here’s some words from Leni. 😉

Zdravo! Moje ime je Leni. I come all the way from Indonesia to Metlika under Erasmus+ Program called “From Europe to Asia: Capitalizing Experience in Youth Work”. The program requires me to stay for three weeks for job shadowing which enables me to learn and observe about NGO management in youth works at Kud Plac and Mladinski Center. Working with my passion in hospitality and tourism field, i also enjoying to do some volunteering works with Act Global and some NGOs in Bali. My good friends will describe me as a happy and cheerful person. And coming to a small town Metlika from a very touristic island like Bali is giving me more sense of appreciating life and friendships. I feel so lucky to be here during the beginning of the spring when I can see the beautiful natures and flowers are blooming around the town. I also found that people in Metlika from all generations are very genuine, warm, kind and friendly, and that makes me feel happier and honored to be here.



Here is what Chan said about herself.

Chanieli ‘Chan’ Gadon, 26 years old, Filipino. I work in the hospitality industry in a small island called Boracay. But my real interest is in psychology, ethnology and philosophy. I like literature, visual arts, music and though not skilled, talented or knowledgable on any of them. I love spending time around nature. And I love traveling and meeting new people. What I think about Metlika: I’ve been here in Metlika for 2 weeks and it is really an interesting mix of cultures and way of thinking. The place is beautiful and the people, even more.

What I want to do here: I want to learn and experience the life and culture of Metlika –not the culture you can read in the books, but the one you learn from spending time with the people and hearing their personal stories. And then, of course to be able to impart something back to the people here, especially to the youth –mainly awareness, about themselves and about the world around them, so they can be encouraged to be more, and to do more for others.



MJ is a very shy girl, but Chan managed to make her write about herself.

Mary Jance “Mj” Rahnee G. Perlas, 27 yrs. old from the island of Boracay. Im a very happy person, i love travelling and meeting people. I sing and dance and now learning how to cook. I have been in Hospitality industry for years now and still looking forward into learning more about it as its complex in so many ways. I like meeting and working with people; knowing their work ethics and see how we’ll work things for the better. And being here in Metlika is just awesome experience for me.



The new face who has just arrived in town! Here’s about Cecilia.

I’m Cecilia Laim from Boracay Island, Philippines. One of the participants for Job Shadowing of EuroAsi.

Metlika is a town located in the south east of Slovenia. At least 2 hours drive away from Capita city of Ljubljana. While going to Metlika on the road, I am amazed with its beautiful landscape and mountainous views, the air breeze is fresh, full of trees and greens and beautiful houses reflects a simple and harmonious community.

Leni and Cecilia are doing Job Shadowing program for a month. Leni finished the project on the 30th April and Cecilia will finish her program on the 16th of May. While the rest are doing EVS for 3 months, our EVS program will be finished on the 3rd of July.

So, now you know a bit about us. If you see us anywhere in town, don’t hesitate to say hello. We understand “Dober Dan” :P. Or come to MC to have talk and conversation with us if you want, or add our Facebook if you are too shy to say hello and start with a small chat. I am sure some of you area already friends on Facebook. 🙂 See ya around!