Farewell Metlika Chapter 3

  One thing is left to do before i say goodbye to this place; (Note to self: I am not really saying goodbye to this place. I will be back for sure) and that is to write my opinion on what Metlika is really about and how people here could easily use some of the […]

Farewell Metlika Chapter 2

  Here we are again trying to say goodbye to Metlika. What would Metlika be without its people? Probably different. So this is a tribute to you guys; the people who make this place what it is. My first impression of the local people was very welcoming. My first day here involved a coffee in […]

Farewell Metlika Chapter 1.

Apparently i have give or take two weeks left in Metlika and I can literally not believe it. Whenever I count or I notice the time I have spent here in Metlika or here on earth for that matter I am always gravelly socked about how fast life goes and that you should never leave […]

Gardening: Summer edition

I hope you guys remember my epic efforts to grow herbs on my window. Well that proved to be quite successful but at the same time sometime in March I decided to try my skills on the ground as well. So what I did was to help one of the locals create their summer garden […]

living on the other side

*of the planet. I think I have said it before and maybe I am repeating myself but a big part of being an EVS volunteer is to meet and greet new cultures and lifestyles. on this note we got a chance to host a few EVS volunteers from Koper early this week; two of them […]

Tending a vineyard or the awesomeness of wine

I have always been a fan of wine, but I was never nor am I now an expert on the subject. One could say though that after almost a year in Metlika I know much more than before. I have recently spoken with a few winemakers and in combination with personal experience and a bit […]

Traveling to Indonesia

Hi there… It’s Reni again. If you read my last post “Introducing Culture of Indonesia”, you at least have a bit of idea about my country’s culture. Interested to come for a visit? Maybe yes, maybe know considering the distance. However, if you want to discover the other side of the world with different culture, […]

Postojna caves and lake Bled

Penny’s blog took a small break but it is back to stay. I am gravely sorry that I had to take a break on the circle of destinations around Slovenia but I had to go home and attend the extension of my small family. The current post is describing my experience while visiting the two […]


    As promised this blog will continue to showcase Slovenian places that I (Penny) had the chance to visit during my stay here. This time I decided to talk about my short visit in beautiful Piran and how I think it is a destination that somehow combines a large amount of incoming tourists without losing […]

Introducing Culture of Indonesia

Hey! Hey! Its’ Reni Again! 🙂 So, I have been in Metlika for over one month already. I have experienced quite many things especially the culture. So, in this post, I would like to share about the culture of Indonesia. So, you guys have some ideas what’s out there. 🙂


  For most of you Ljubljana is something very common. For me it’s a place I’ve visited maybe twice or thrice so it’s new and exciting. I also believe that a lot of the local people have associated Ljubljana with partying or shopping or work rather than a place to escape everyday life, like it is […]

River Krupa

For the next couple of posts Penny’s blog will be dedicated in the pristine nature of Slovenia. Recently I had the chance to travel a bit around the country and as usual i was not at all disappointed. First stop on my list the spring of river Krupa in Semic. It all started when two […]

Kresovanje 2016 to Celebrate the Labor Day

As we all may know that we have Kresovanje event in Metlika every year to celebrate the Labor Day organized by KudPlac, but this is my first time joining this event. As I’ve heard that this event was a tradition from the local people since the ancient time, but was no longer celebrated anymore in […]

The New EVS Faces in Metlika

Hi guys, it’s Reni again! 🙂 You may have see a few Asians walking around Metlika and wondering who they are, or probably you’ve heard about them from the word of mouth, or probably you know them in person. So, they (and me) are the new EVS and Job Shadowers working for Kud Plac. So, […]

Oven Roasted Lamb with a twist

The second recipe of the week, dedicated to local products is of course lamb. I love lamb so much and up until i moved to Slovenia I really thought that a whole roasted lamb was a Greek thing. So I was very happily surprised to hear that there are quite a lot of people here […]

Polenta and strawberry cupcakes

  The first recipe of the week is vanilla and strawberry cupcakes with polenta. I think that everyone here is used to cooking polenta as a side dish to goulash or other stews so I thought it would be more  interesting to use it in sweets. In Greece we use polenta mainly in desserts such […]

reasons to love spring

I have been talking about spring a lot later. What can I say? I am overly excited. Even though I survived winter in Sweden I think winter in Metlika was equally hard despite the much more favorable temperature. The fog and grey trees are really a killer combination with the lack of much to do […]

living abroad

Lately I’ve been thinking about my journey for almost the past two years and how it feels to live abroad for such a long time. For those of you who don’t know before I moved to Slovenia I lived in Sweden for a year where I did my master’s degree; then I moved back to […]

Spring Gardening

Spring is officially here. Despite the past few days of rain it is an indisputable fact that we are into spring, the trees have decided it. So in order to join the spring spirit I decided to do a bit of spring gardening. I recruited someone in Greece to send me some seeds and step […]

Day of change

  Tomorrow is the national day of change and this year’s theme is respect. Therefore I would like to make a bit of space in this blog for respect and its meaning and the importance of embracing change in our lives. Respect has a lot of meanings and it can be expressed in many ways, […]

Recipe No5 (?) Spanakopita

  This week’s recipe comes from the epitome of Greek cuisine. So this week I decided to give it a try and make my own pastry and filling to see if I’m going to make it as good as grandma’s. If you give it a try make sure that you have a couple of hours […]

To Krsko and back

As I have mentioned before this blog is not only trying to give you a scope of the local culture in the eyes of a foreigner but also to give you an insight of what it means to be an EVS, to serve in the European Voluntary service. For this reason I visited Krsko, a […]

Recipe No4 Lagana Bread

Today in Greece we celebrate Clean Monday. Clean Monday is a great day to be in Greece. It’s a day that for those who are religious signifies the start of the Easter fasting and for those who are not, a great chance to eat good food, enjoy nature and spend a bit of extra time […]

Greece: the country of so many faces, like any other

Greece is known for many things, most of them good, some of them bad. It’s a country known for its beauty, its endless supply of sun, blue skies and pristine sea, but, it’s also a country that has endured a lot of suffering and struggles. Somebody once told me the Holland also had a difficult […]

Recipe No3 Pasta flora

Everyone who knows me knows that I like love cooking. Some rumors might say that I only speak about food every day, which is not exactly or at all true, but it might indicate how much I enjoy the subject of food and cooking. On this blog I am trying to incorporate local products in […]

Castles Castles Castles

As I have mentioned before I have a great fascination with castles; who doesn’t right? Since everyone likes castles I decided to explore the local ones and I ended up visiting three. The castle of Ozalj in Croatia, the Rajhenburg castle in Brestanica and of course, the castle of Metlika which I had visited when […]

Recipe No2 Cocoa Mud Pie

  Since the weather has not been very good I spent the weekend in the kitchen. From all the things that I managed to cook during these 48 hours I decided to share with you the easiest and possibly tastiest of all. This mud cake has only 6 ingredients and in half an hour it […]

Mladinska Oddaja

      For those of you who don’t know there is a film production company in Krsko that employs a lot of EVS volunteers. Their work is gathered every month to produce a video that can be found on youtube which is called Mladinska Oddaja. A couple of months ago, in Mladinska Oddaja November […]

Recipe No1*: Rooster with Wine

∗Recipes will occupy a large space on this blog. Be prepared my friends say I am a mean cook so tasty treats are on the way   While writing the piece about the vineyards I started thinking of all the great ways you can use wine in cooking. One of my favorite recipes with wine […]

Metlikian* vineyards

(∗ The term Metlikian is not exactly correct but my friend Mary would be very dissapointed if I did not use it here. Sorry guys!) A couple of weeks ago I visited one of the local farmers and helped him cut the vines and prepare them for the next season. Let me tell you straight […]

To Begunje and Back

As an EVS volunteer, in Slovenia, I get to participate in two 4-day trainings somewhere in the country. During the first month of our stay here we are invited to participate on an introductory meeting, which for me was in Fiesa close to Piran. Around halfway through the program we get to participate on another […]

Introducing “The Chronicles of Penny Smith”

  Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Pinelopi (some may also call me Penny, hence the title). I come from Greece and right now I live and work in Metlika, Slovenia. After half a year here and with another half to go, I thought […]