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As promised this blog will continue to showcase Slovenian places that I (Penny) had the chance to visit during my stay here. This time I decided to talk about my short visit in beautiful Piran and how I think it is a destination that somehow combines a large amount of incoming tourists without losing its identity. As usual instead of describing my visit and how I felt as a tourist my most eminent thoughts are about what this place had to offer as a tourist destination and how it might be better or worse than other places.

Well the resume is that I really liked Piran and I would gladly visit again. I came to visit the Slovenian coastline right after a visit to Denmark and somehow it felt very much like home. I had the chance to see the sea in both places and in Piran the sea had this effect of calmness and peace while in Denmark it felt cold and uninviting. Maybe this is one of the reasons i really liked the place but in retrospect it is a content attraction on its own.

Of course Piran, as any Slovenian city is quite small, but in this occasion this is quite a good thing. With a combination of Mediterranean setting and a bit of Italian vibe, Piran is a great place to walk through. Small Alleys interconnecting between the sea and the hill of the town with the castle and the magnificent view of endless blue. Also as any place that attracts tourists it is filled with places that sell souvenirs but the difference in Piran is that a lot of them are handmade and quality products. There is no chance you are going to miss the occasional tacky magnet and the t-shirt that says i love Piran but at the same time there is a quite wide selection of small paintings and handmade products from wood or clay that help Piran quite differentiate from  overdeveloped tourist destinations.

Of course Piran is not a long stay destination on Its own but the Slovenian coastline is so small that it could be combined as a multi stop destination. Like island hopping in Croatia or Greece but with cities. Why go to Italy or Croatia for a week while you could visit the Slovenian one for a week? At the same time as I have mentioned before Piran is perfect for a weekend escape, as all the small cities and villages in Slovenia. It has enough nature and enough attractions to make a city person escape from the daily stress and feel the peace and tranquility that most of people feel when surrounded by sea.