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Postojna caves and lake Bled


Penny’s blog took a small break but it is back to stay. I am gravely sorry that I had to take a break on the circle of destinations around Slovenia but I had to go home and attend the extension of my small family.


The current post is describing my experience while visiting the two greatest and most favorable destinations of Slovenia; lake bled and the postojna which are always on the list of things to see whenever someone visits me. At the same time I am always reluctant to go and after I did I believe I was true to be so.


Let’s start with the Postojna caves. I know they host the world’s largest amphibian but that does not justify either the cost or the way the “park” has been created. The park itself reminds me of restaurant stops on the highway where you have to stop if you are traveling by bus. The toilet facilities where horrific and the whole setting is not at all appealing. As for the cave itself I think it leaves the visitor quite impressed but it is all because of the exquisite natural setting. This exactly explains my problem with the Postojna park, if it can actually be characterized as such. The operation is overdeveloped and overcrowded even off season and it is obvious that the aim is not to offer an unforgettable experience but rather to profit as much as possible from the people that come without actually offering any service in return. Of course Postojna is of the few places that such a thing can actually be pulled off, since it is quite impossible to go twice and you will go in no matter how unpleasant the exterior is.


On the same page lake bled is another example of great natural beauty and equally another example of an overdeveloped destination. The village reminded me of a combination of a village next to a ski resort and an island at the same time which says a lot about the lack of character of bled as a destination. what I mean by this is that there is no locality in the experience and services that one would expect when visiting such a place. As i have mentioned before, Slovenia is filled with small places that rick (in a very good way) of local culture and heritage. Bled is not one of them and it has been developed in  order to please every need by offering pizza and Chinese food and grill and so on and that takes away the natural image of the destination. Of course I believe that it is still worth going but if I was local I would never choose to visit Bled for a Sunday excursion or even a weekend. All in all though I cannot help but imagining myself having a pick-nick by the river bank and enjoying the marvelous view and feeling that I am the last person on earth despite the fact that the place is packed with people and that is the magic of bled despite the pros and cons.


While finishing this post I want to mention that all in all Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries I have had the chance to visit but since summer is upon us I want to focus on a specific part of the country and that is of course Metlika and the surrounding area which I believe has a lot to offer to its visitors. Also a big thanks to the people who make this blog possible through the passing of time, you make my life happier!!! 😀