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reasons to love spring


I have been talking about spring a lot later. What can I say? I am overly excited. Even though I survived winter in Sweden I think winter in Metlika was equally hard despite the much more favorable temperature. The fog and grey trees are really a killer combination with the lack of much to do when nature is sleeping.  So good news everyone, the nature is finally awake again and I got to spend a lot of last weekend in it. I enjoyed it so much that I decided a list of things I like about spring in Metlika is in order.


  • First things first, the colors of Metlika during spring are simply magnificent. Tulips are my favorite flowers and along with the blooming magnolias, cherry and apple trees, they make a magnificent sight.
  • Then you have the sun. Hurrah my friends no more fog. Of course there are these rainy days which I don’t really appreciate but I consider them as nature’s watering system for the beautiful flowers so I don’t mind them so much.


  • The smell of freshly cut grass. This one is one of my favorites. God grass smells good and I really like the smell because it’s not so common in Greece. If you want lawn in your garden you have to plant it otherwise unattended gardens have clover, which is not bad but not as awesome as grass.
  • Next thing on the list is pick nicks. Man, I love pick nicks. In Greece pick nick season is not so long, it gets too hot too soon and then the problem also is that if you live in Athens there are not so many spots that you can take your basket of goodies and your blanket and go relax. On the other hand in Sweden the season starts too late and then the weather is still unpredictable, having 5 degrees weather while it’s still July is not really inviting for pick nicks. But Slovenia and especially Metlika seems to be the perfect place for this type of scheme; full of forests and prairies or by the river, the amounts of pick nick spots are just never ending.


  • On a similar aspect another thing that could really work during spring in Metlika is the upgraded version of pick nicks: barbeques and grilling. If I love pick nicks then I double love grilling and sadly here it’s something that you cannot do all year round. In Greece there is no end to the grilling season we grill all the time, maybe even every Sunday. Here it is not so possible to do it all year so the fact that I can start doing it now makes me really happy.
  • Lastly I think that one reason that everyone should always love spring is because it is here to bring summer to us. I just cannot wait until it is time again for swimming in the sea or the river or anywhere that you can actually swim. Fingers crossed that the summer is not going to be too hot here. I left Greece for a reason.


*  Photos kindly provided by Reni,dear coworker and friend.